Interior Designing is More Personalized

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorDespite of your globe trotting trait, home is a place you always miss. And the reasons are obvious - the sweat & blood you poured in building it, the efforts you took to create the interiors that reflect your persona & charm, and the doting family that resides there. Designing & decorating one’s house has always been in our blood. From using traditional wood crafts as wall hangings to have imported tiles, glasses and furniture, interior designing
has come a long way. Now that we have professionals who have taken over the task to customize-decorate our house, we can have a sigh of relief and look after other important aspects of our life.

Leveraging technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality, these interior decorators have changed the way we look into designs and allow us to feel how our design and dream house will look like. Not to mention, the aesthetic value these technologies add towards customer-designer relationship that gets cemented for long. But there are some designers who go deep into ones personal life to understand their tastes of joy, happiness and sorrow. Using social media, these designers delve into their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other accounts that makes client’s life an open book for the designers to further create personalized wardrobes, wall paints, or even wall papers.

Featuring such magical interior decorators in our current issue of siliconindia magazine in under ‘10 Most Promising Interior Decorators - 2017’, we bring to you their unmatched enthusiasm to catch up with their clients’ requirements and delivery beyond their perception.
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